BASICS Black Jiggle Balls 56g

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The simplest way to super-charge your sex life, these 2 small jiggle balls help tone your pelvic floor muscles, creating tighter sensations for him and intensified orgasms for her. Inside are free-roaming weights that roll arousingly with your every move. Securely connected by a string that ends in a loop for easy retrieval, the pair of balls are safe to use out and about, during daily chores, or even running for the bus. Jiggling intensity depends on the level of activity undertaken – now there’s a compelling reason to wash the car. Sized for first-time use and just 56g in total, you can use these balls as a beginner workout to build up to weightier models, or simply enjoy the amazing short and long term effects these Ben Wa balls bring. Coat both balls with a healthy helping of water-based lubricant before slipping inside one at a time.


Lovehoney BASICS


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