Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear 7-9 Inches


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Pump it up with one of Bathmate’s most powerful penis pumps. Using the power of water, the HYDROXTREME9 pump creates a vacuum around your penis that can increase its length and girth. Includes 11 different accessories for optimum results. Designed for use in the bath or shower, the Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 penis pump uses water, rather than air, to create optimum safe pressure around your penis which can enhance your erection strength and penis size. Monitor your growth with ease thanks to the transparent finish and measuring gauge on the side of the pump. The included comfort pad and lubricant offer pure comfort during pumping – just one session a day involving up to 3 reps of 5-6 minutes can help to deliver impressive results. Please note: The HYDROXTREME9 is the same product as the original HYDROMAX XTREME X40. For best results, use for 30 minutes per day with a break every 10 minutes. If pumping regularly, we recommend moisturising after every use to avoid dryness. Results may vary.


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