Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set


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A quick and easy anal cleaning solution in one set. Benefit from a deep clean before anal play or sex begins by connecting the Clean Stream enema set to your shower and voilà, a clean and shiny bottom is yours to enjoy. Connect the kit permanently or temporarily to your shower for easy enemas any time using the adjustable valve, then use the tap to regulate water flow for a comfortable cleansing experience. A valve with regulating tap fits directly to the existing shower pipe, allowing you to connect both the shower hose and the included bidet hose to the shower pipe. You then connect your choice of nozzle to the bidet hose. To regulate the amount of water flowing through the bidet hose, simply turn the tap on the valve and the flow of water is reduced. Turn the tap towards the shower hose and the shower will operate. Turn the tap towards the bidet hose and water will flow through the enema outlet. Turning the tap away from the bidet hose will slow the flow of water through the tip. Each kit includes: stainless steel 6-foot bidet hose, stainless steel split valve with tap, stainless steel thin enema nozzle with open tip 2. 75 inches long x 1 inch in circumference, stainless steel thicker enema nozzle with 5-hole jet tip 4. 5 inches long x 2. 5 inches, and 4 x rubber washers. Please note: nozzle measurements refer to insertable length.


Clean Stream


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