DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring


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A cock ring with a difference. Unlike a regular cock ring, glans rings are designed to be worn just under the head of the penis to enhance sensitivity and arousal, while also increasing the size of your manhood’s helmet for an impressive appearance. Using plenty of water-based lube, slip the 1. 25 inch ring (diameter) over your flaccid penis and allow it to rest just under your penis head. It should feel snug, but not too tight, and should be placed so it precisely strokes your frenulum for spine-tingling pleasure. Experiment by wearing the ring with the ball on the top or underside of your penis to find the most satisfying fit for you. To top it all off, a glans ring not only increases sensitivity for the wearer but thanks to its unique design, also enhances internal pleasure for the receiver during vaginal sex. Please note: This ring is not safe for anal sex or for wearing in body piercings.




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