Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer


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Train your pelvic floor and track your progress with Elvie: the app-controlled Kegel exerciser. A strong pelvic floor can help tighten your vagina, enhance orgasm strength and maintain overall vaginal health. After all, a happy vagina = a happy life. Once synced, use the app to track your training progress. Elvie uses real-time guidance, visualising your pelvic floor movements using biofeedback which helps guide you through the exercises and tracks your progress. As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, a gem on the app lifts in response to the strength of the contraction. Progress through 4 levels of fun workouts: Training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Award-winning Elvie Trainer is compatible with Android 6 and newer and iPhone running on iOS1 or newer, or iPads with iPad OS 13 or newer. Always apply a generous coating of water-based lube to the outside of Elvie, and your vaginal opening to aid comfortable insertion.




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