Lovehoney Love Motion Remote Control Warming Thrusting Sex Machine Set


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Trust the thrust, and you’ll be treated to astonishing sensations. The Love Motion sex machine gives you two different dildo attachments, remote control operation, 10 vibration modes, a warming function and an incredibly strong suction cup. Whew. Start your satisfaction quest by choosing between the two silicone dildo attachments: one’s realistic, brimming with texture and 7 inches long, while the other is 7. 5 inches long and has a bulbed tip perfect for targeting your G-spot. Both dildos offer max fulfilment with a 4. 75 inch girth. Twist the attachment of your choice in place atop your Love Motion machine and press the warming button on the remote to warm it to 40°C. Next, choose your thrusting speed or pattern – there are 10 to enjoy. If you’d rather warm up with some vibes and no thrusts, Love Motion has you covered with 10 functions there, too. Lastly, fix that suction-cup base in place and you’re ready to ride until you see stars. Did we mention that both the sex machine and the remote control are fully USB rechargeable, and the sex machine comes with a travel lock? You’re so welcome. Really, you can’t afford to miss out, so lob a bit of water-based lubricant at it and go to town. To use the travel lock, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, until the light flashes. Repeat to deactivate. Please note: the charging point is located in the control panel, not (as stated on the packaging) on the base of the sex machine.




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