Orctan Rechargeable Silicone Roller Male Masturbator


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Silent but mighty, the Orctan uses unique motion technology to deliver the ultimate realistic oral sex feeling. Crafted with the intent of destigmatising male masturbation, this truly individual love machine uses vibrating silicone rollers to stimulate. With 9 different modes to play with, the Orctan also boasts super-silent motors with silicone rollers that are designed to be virtually inaudible. Orctan utilises a high-tech hinge construction which allows you to adjust the massage area and touch points according to your desires. As the main stimulation of the sex toy focuses on the head of the penis and frenulum, it’s suitable for all penis sizes. To use, place your penis between the massage rollers. Explore the different touch-points and positions, and adjust these to your liking. Massaging the frenulum region on the bottom of the shaft by the head of the penis is particularly intense. Splash proof and made of only three parts, the Orctan is easy to clean. Just remove the rollers and clean with soap and water, then air dry and get ready for your next adventure. Always slick the rollers with water-based lube before play.




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